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Rudolph’s Adventures – Where’s Rudolph?


Hi Boys and Girls,

Well, I suppose you might have heard about or seen Mrs. Claus’s video – I have decided NOT to return to the North Pole!

I want to continue my holidays and my Irish adventures, everyone has been so kind and friendly.  I’ve so much left to see and do here, I’m not ready to return. I’m sure that Comet or Blitzen can take over my duties for a while. . . of course, they won’t be a patch on me but sure, they’ll do – we can strap a flash light on their heads and they can lead the way. As the Irish say “it’ll be grand”.

Okay, so – can you guess where I went?

  • Third largest county in Ireland
  • The Quiet Man was filmed there
  • Birthplace of Irelands first female president

Yes! That’s right – I googled all those facts!

I’m sure some of you guessed that I am in _______! I wasn’t able to see Shane Filan in Sligo so I thought I’d try see Louis Walsh in _______. Again, no luck – he’s away doing some talent show apparently. I decided to make the most of my time in _______ and I flew up the ‘Reek’ as fast as my hooves could take me. I even lit a candle for Mrs. Claus when I was up there. Wow, its seriously beautiful. The view over Clew Bay is stunning. It was nice to see it in the Summer time as we usually flyover in December and its really dark.

I know it’s not Christmas Eve yet but you can always leave out some carrots for me… or better again, leave out cookies. Santa usually gets all the cookies and I get the “healthy food”.

I won’t tell you where I am going next as I’m sure Mrs. Claus is watching and she’ll tell me to come home – BUT I’ve already packed my bags and am looking at the maps to see where I will go to continue my adventure. If you have any siggestions, you can pop over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.

Chat soon,

Rudolph x

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Rudolph’s Adventures – Next Stop Sligo


Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays as much as I am! Ireland is amazing but quite wet.
Regardless, the rain hasn’t dampened my holiday spirits.

So, the last time I wrote to you I was in Galway, after being involved in an amazing race. This time, as I’m a big Westlife fan I decided to pop over to Sligo in the hope of meeting Shane Filan, unfortunately for me, Westlife are on tour! Happily though, Sligo did not disappoint, it’s beautiful. Did you know, “Sligeach” means “A shelly place”? I haven’t visited the beach yet, so I don’t know if this is true or not.

I wanted to go see Benbulben AKA the “Table Mountain”- IT IS NOT A TABLE. It’s a very large rock, a beautiful rock but a rock nonetheless, there was no food. Maybe I need to research my trips better.

I had started to climb it but then remembered, I can fly, I am Santa’s main reindeer after all – so it didn’t take me long. I don’t know why people think it’s difficult. I told you I’d be working on my selfies and you can check out my picture, I’m getting really good at it. That picture was taken before my climb/flight, but I looked just as good afterwards. I was “flying without wings”!

The days are passing quickly, a little too quickly. I have so much I still want to see and do here. There are loads of places I want to visit; I want to learn how to swim and maybe do some hiking.

I need to start getting everything ready for the opening of Elf Town on 29 November, I’ve heard tickets are selling fast! Ok, lads, it’s been a whirlwind – see you back at Elf Town with all the gang.

Rudolph x

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Rudolph’s Adventures – The Arrival


Hi Everybody!

After years of asking, the big boss himself gave me the go-ahead to come and visit Ireland! Well, I am LOVING my Irish Adventure so far.  

I got in last week on the “red-eye special” into Shannon Airport. Everyone was so friendly and helpful but I probably should have told them I was coming – seemingly flying into an airport unannounced is not the done thing here! And when they asked me “What’s the craic” at customs, sure I didn’t know what to answer. . . anyways, it’s not what you’d first think.

Its been an amazing first week here. I went up to Galway and ended up in a race! I came last, but flying is more my thing… none of those lads could do that!

Popped into Supermacs, apparently, they’ve been having some issues with clowns – I didn’t see any but I’ll keep an eye out. I’ll have to tell Mrs. Claus about the “Snack Box” – himself would love it!

Lads, I’ll report back again soon. I’m heading off now to have a look at the Wild Atlantic Way. I’ve heard its “great craic” (Did I use that word right?!)

I’m looking for recommendations on places to visit, send me a message over on Facebook or Instagram – I’ve to work on my duck face for the selfies!

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Hand in Hand


Elf Town is proud to be associated with Hand in Hand National Children’s Cancer Charity, an organisation run on compassion and care for the families it serves.

In 2015, Hand in Hand provided 1,595 individual practical support services which included 423 sessions of childcare, 663 house cleans, 448 loads of laundry and 61 meals for families and more than 300 episodes of emotional support.

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