Hi Everybody!

After years of asking, the big boss himself gave me the go-ahead to come and visit Ireland! Well, I am LOVING my Irish Adventure so far.  

I got in last week on the “red-eye special” into Shannon Airport. Everyone was so friendly and helpful but I probably should have told them I was coming – seemingly flying into an airport unannounced is not the done thing here! And when they asked me “What’s the craic” at customs, sure I didn’t know what to answer. . . anyways, it’s not what you’d first think.

Its been an amazing first week here. I went up to Galway and ended up in a race! I came last, but flying is more my thing… none of those lads could do that!

Popped into Supermacs, apparently, they’ve been having some issues with clowns – I didn’t see any but I’ll keep an eye out. I’ll have to tell Mrs. Claus about the “Snack Box” – himself would love it!

Lads, I’ll report back again soon. I’m heading off now to have a look at the Wild Atlantic Way. I’ve heard its “great craic” (Did I use that word right?!)

I’m looking for recommendations on places to visit, send me a message over on Facebook or Instagram – I’ve to work on my duck face for the selfies!