Do you care for a child with special needs?

We are committed to ensuring all children with specific needs are catered for at Elf Town Galway.

Q. What is a sensory-friendly experience?

A.  A “sensory-friendly” or spectrum inclusive performance is a production that caters to individuals with sensory needs such as people on the autism spectrum, or with anxiety or other cognitive and physical disabilities. The experience is modified to allow for more audience movement, staff and actors are trained to accommodate the needs of the sensory friendly visitors and it is a judgment-free zone!

Q. When and where are these performances taking place?

When: The sensory-friendly experiences this year at Elf Town are:

Friday 6th December beginning at 1pm
Saturday 14th December beginning at 8.30am

Where: Elf town is located in the Galway Racecourse, Ballybrit

Q. How can I get tickets?

A. You can purchase tickets upon arrival to Elf Town, the ticket desk is located at the main entrance. To make a reservation email

Please let us know –

  • what date you will be visiting Elf Town
  • how many tickets you want to reserve
  • any special needs or requests you may have

Q. How much are tickets?

Child price – €29.95
Under 2 years – €9.95
Adult price – €14.95
Adult Carer’s Ticket – €6.50*
 *50% reduction for Carer’s accompanying a child with special needs
 Q. Who should attend this performance?

A. The sensory-friendly performance is designed for children and adults with sensory input disorders, autism, or other developmental, cognitive and physical disabilities and their families and caretakers. We promise a judgment-free, fun experience for the entire family. An adult must accompany all children. We encourage caretakers and family members of children with special needs to attend.

Q. Can people without autism or cognitive and physical disabilities attend this performance?

A. This performance is designed for people with sensory-input challenges and their families. Not only will the production be slightly changed to fit their needs, but also the environment will be different. The lights will be soft and gentle, no flashing or intermittent settings. We want to ensure all visitors and families enjoy a relaxed, judgment-free experience at Elf town.

Q. What changes will you be making to the production?

A. No loud music or abrupt sound effects with a reduced level of general noise. The script will be adjusted to accommodate sensitive ears and eyes.

Q. Can I bring edibles, fidget toys, headphones or other items that help my child/family member stay calm?

A. Of course! We encourage you to bring any items that might make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Q. My family member/client is in a wheelchair. Can you accommodate us?

A. Yes, Elf Town Galway is wheelchair accessible. Please inform the box office of any mobility issues when reserving tickets.

Q. Are service animals allowed into Elf Town?

A. Yes we allow service animals into Elf Town.

Q. If my family member/client is not able to stay for the entire journey, will we be able to leave the building?

A. Yes, if the patron decides they cannot remain for the whole experience, they can absolutely leave Elf town early. Staff will be on hand to assist where necessary.

Q. My family member/client is deaf or hard-of-hearing. Will there be ASL interpreters at this performance?

A. Unfortunately, Elf Town Galway will not have an ASL interpreter.

Q. Who can I contact about the sensory-friendly performance?

A. If you have any questions or queries email us

Department of Elf Resources – Elf Town Galway